Video review: Nexto’s NSB-25 Storage Bridge – a high end backup solution for road warriors

By technical editor Matt Allard:

The NSB-25 Storage Bridge is the latest backup solution from Korean maker Nexto. The company has been supplying professional portable backup solutions for some years now and several major television networks use their NVS range of devices.

The new NSB-25 memory card backup system can copy pretty much any common media on the market – SxS, XQD, REDMAG, AJA PACK, CFast, 2.5″ SSD, 2.5″ HDD, AXSM, Express P2, SD or CF cards. The NSB-25 has a nice 5-inch 800×400 touchscreen on which you can monitor backups and also playback HD and 2K material in a variety of formats. Although it can’t handle 4K playback it can still preview some 4K clips at reduced framerates.

The Storage Bridge accepts two internal HDD or SSD drives and a third drive can be added via USB 3.0 – this allows you to make up to 3 copies simultaneously. With one simple operation you can instantly be sure that you have multiple backups which can be archived or passed off to clients. As well as copying the data you can also choose to have it verified at the same time.

When you playback the footage it can also be fed via a HDMI port to a larger monitor for better previewing. Inside the NSB-25 is a 10000mA rechargeable Li-Poly battery which should give around three hours of operation. A mains adapter is also included.

The NSB-25 is a professional device and comes with the matching price tag. If you need failsafe backups in the field and don’t always want to carry a laptop then the NSB-25 is probably the smartest solution out there right now.

Pricing is set at:

NSB-25 (No memory module, no USB3.0 drive module) Main Device
– $2,200 / €1,650

NSB-25 with Sampler pack – includes two memory modules (except AXSM) that are user selectable plus two USB3.0 drive modules (not including internal disks) – $2,400 / €1,800

You can read more about the NSB-25 and other Nexto backup devices on their website.

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