Kessler release new V2 low profile ball head

By site editor Dan Chung:

Kessler’s original low profile ballhead was a great idea. It allowed users to mount a camera to a slider with the smallest possible footprint. Unlike other tripod heads it was incredibly compact and yet sturdy. When working solo it was great to be able to throw it in your bag and not have to lug around a larger head for simple slider or timelapse shots. The only issue I had was that mine would occasionally get stuck because I had overtightened it or the temperature had changed significantly.

The V2 ballhead on a Pocketdolly
The V2 ballhead on a Pocketdolly

That should no longer be an issue with the new V2 head. It is similar to the older one but with the addition of a locking handle to the bottom that is used to tighten the head onto slider or other device. The handle should give plenty of grip with which to add or remove the head quickly.

As before there is a locking ball on the top that now functions separately to the attachment of the head to the slider. This should prevent any tendency to over tighten it.

The new grey locking handle
The new grey locking handle

Another nice touch is the ability to remove the plate and mounting a Kessler Kwik quick release plate directly to the top for super quick and stable mounting.

The head comes in two versions with either 1/4” – 20 or 3/8” threads.

Price is currently $149.95 US.

For more details head over to the Kessler website.

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