IBC 2014 video: Akurat B1120mix3 LED light – a surprisingly compact yet bright unit from Poland

By contributor Clinton Harn:

At IBC 2014 Polish company Akurat were showing their new bi-colour B1120mix3 LED light. These are slimline lights with metal casings that can be used on stands, or mounted on a camera top.

For the size they are extremely bright and the manufacturer claims high colour accuracy (RA value=95). Power is either via 6-20V DC or a battery plate and max power draw is 18W according to the specs.

Since the show they have announced a new light which is similar, but said to have even better performance. Akurat’s website claims the LL2120hc3 V-WHITE has probably the highest light quality of any on camera LED (a claimed CRI Ra = 98 R9 – 96+ for the technically minded). This is thanks to new higher accuracy emitters that are just coming onto the market. Just how good it is we don’t know – but it is interesting to see these developments unfold.

The new Akurat LL2120hc3
The new Akurat LL2120hc3

We don’t have exact prices for the Akurats but they range between just over 100 Euro to around 300 Euro. Currently they are available through selected European dealers.

For more info check out the Akurat website.

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