IBC 2014 video: Cmotion show entry level compact ONE remote focus control. Also three motor remote focus/iris/zoom control for broadcast

By contributor Clinton Harn:

Cmotion has long been regarded as one of the premiere manufacturers of remote follow focus and FIZ devices. As high end outside broadcast and ENG users start to use large sensor cameras with cine lenses like the Canon 30-300mm, which don’t have in-built servo controls, the need arises to equip them with high quality FIZ controllers. There are several solutions from cmotion that address just this. Prices for a three motor system start at around 12,000 Euro, but if your are the type of person that can buy or rent 30,000 Euro lenses, then I guess this isn’t too surprising.

For those with smaller pockets (but not that much smaller) there is the ‘entry level’ compact ONE system which comprises a nicely sculpted hand controller and up to three motors. Designed to control lenses on a Steadicam, gimbal or rigged in any number of remote positions, a single motor system starts around 5000 Euro.

For more infö go to the cmotion website.

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