IBC 2014 video: G-technology shows giant 64TB G-Speed Studio XL RAID drive

By contributor Clinton Harn:

It seems that hard drives fill up very rapidly these days thanks to the move towards higher quality, less compressed HD video files, as well as 4K.

A big project may take several terabytes and organising those files if they are not in a single place can be awkward. Working with larger files also requires faster drive speeds if you want to keep your editing running smoothly.


The latest G-technology RAID drive aims to solve these issues for many users. The G-Speed Studio XL is a sleek black cylinder that takes eight drives, each up to 8TB – giving a maximum storage capacity for the Studio XL of a whopping 64TB. It has dual Thunderbolt 2 connections and can pass data at a blazing 1350MB/s.

Like other G-technology RAID solutions it uses enterprise class drives for improved reliability. Capacities start at 24TB and go up to the full 64TB.

State of the art storage like this doesn’t come cheap though. A 24TB G-Speed Studio XL starts at $3599.95, rising to the 64TB version which costs a not inconsiderable $6999.95 US.

For more info on G-technology’s range of hard drives go to the G-technology website.

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