IBC 2014 live show replay: SmallHD DP7 Pro live in-monitor colour grading run through

By technical editor Matt Allard:

On the Newsshooter/Teradek live show at IBC last week I sat down with Dale Backus from SmallHD for a walk through of their new live grade feature for the popular DP7 Pro monitor series. The monitor which was introduced some time ago has received multiple firmware upgrades adding new features. The last major upgrade added support for loading of look up tables (LUTs) to allow viewing of Log material with a specific ‘film look’ applied. The latest firmware allows you to tweak the image on the monitor and then save the corrections as a LUT for use by the editor or colourist.

The DP7 Pro can load and save LUT information to SD cards
The DP7 Pro can load and save LUT information to SD cards

This technology should bring on set colour management into the reach of smaller productions and even some documentary shoots – where the director or producer would like to view an image that is close in look to the final output.

Watch the video to see how it works. You can find out more on www.smallhd.com

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