IBC 2014 video: Varavon Wirecam flies through the air for $7000

By contributor Clinton Harn:

Motorised remote control cable cams used to cost big money and were strictly limited to big movies, commercials and sports productions. Some budget limited shooters resorted to DIY solutions in the past with varying degrees of success. Now there are several lower cost commercial options that not only move the camera through the air, but also stabilise the camera by adding a brushless gimbal head to the setup.


Korean maker Varavon, best known for its sliders and camera cages, have ventured into the cable cam market with their $7000 Wirecam Cam setup. Wirecam was first seen in prototype form a year ago at IBC but is now much closer to being a finished product. It is remote controllable and uses Varavon’s Birdy Cam brushless gimbal as a remote head. The results looked impressive. Check out the video to see it working.

As the prices come down and these setups make it onto the shelves of rental companies I can see this technology being used more in documentary and events shooting to get that one off shot.

The Wirecam is slated to be available from November at a cost of around $7000. You can see more details on the Varavon website.

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