IBC 2014 video: Nexto DI NSB25 Storage Bridge for robust field backup and playback – CFast, Red, Sony and AJA supported

By technical editor Matt Allard:

Nexto DI’s new NSB25 Storage Bridge is a robust option for making backup copies of media when on location without a laptop. It is also a playback device with a high quality 5” TFT-LCD 800 x 480 touchscreen that can be used to view most popular codecs.

Caddies are included for two standard 2.5” SATA drives which mount internally, and a third drive can be added via USB3. Memory card inputs are also modular and the unit will accept a wide range of codecs recorded on practically any kind of media. Red, AJA and Sony proprietary card formats as well as CFast are supported.


32GB of data can be backed up onto three drives in about five minutes and the bridge can be powered by any 6-24V DC power source.

A kit including two memory modules is expected to retail for $2400, shipping in November this year. For more info head to the Nexto website.

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