IBC 2014 video: A new concept in portable dolly and track from HillRigs

By technical editor Matt Allard:

UK company HillRigs were showing a brand new Kombidolly and Kliktrack system at IBC. It is a very rigid and secure dolly and track system that can be assembled in just a few moments. The clever part is that it is designed to be packed and carried in two cases for travel. Once assembled the Kliktrack becomes a rigid one piece that can be easily picked up and moved. The joins between rail sections are often an issue with dolly systems but the HillRigs design has perhaps the smoothest join I have seen.


The Kombidolly has a 3 legged design which allows direct mounting of a tripod bowl as well the ability to add a regular tripod.

The Kliktrack is available for £1050 and the Kombidolly for £1150.

You can find out more about Hillrigs on their website.

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