IBC 2014 video: Vocas show innovative follow focus designed for better handheld shooting

By contributor Clinton Harn:

The best products are often so seemingly simple that you wonder why no one ever thought of them before. That is certainly the case with the new Vocas MFC 2S follow focus. It solves one of the more annoying issues when trying to use a follow focus when shooting handheld – how do you keep you rig stable while rotating the focus wheel? The Vocas solution is simple. They have added a wooden palm rest onto the follow focus itself. You brace the camera via the rest with your palm and use your fingers to focus.

Vocas say the design process incorporated feedback from professional users. The other options in this modular system include interchangeable controls and reversible gears and handles.

For real world shooters that want to use a manual follow focus on a shoulder rig this is certainly worth a look alongside the Zacuto Tornado.

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