Video: Michael Schmidt hacks a better eyecup for the Sony a7S

Guest post by Michael Schmidt:

SONY A7s Eyecup – how to fit the Hoodman HoodEYE from FILM…SOUND…COLOR on Vimeo.

The Sony a7S is light,small and captures amazing video. The low light sensitivity of the camera makes it even more awesome.The a7S also has a great built-in OLED EVF so you actually don’t need a LCD loupe as you would with a “traditional” DSLR in video mode. With the Sony a7S you can actually get away without a big shoulder rig if you want. It really is a joy to just to walk around with the camera, a nice lens and maybe a small cage – it really works great that way.

There is only one Problem: The standard eyecup of a7S is not that great, especially in bright sunlight and even more so for people with glasses. I looked around for a solution and tested many different eyecup options for the a7S. So far the only solution that works and is also nice to use is the Hoodman HoodEYE eyecup for Glasses for Nikon Round Eyepieces To mount it to the Sony a7S you need a round adapter you can take from the SEAGULL Multifunction Eyecup Set.

I find the combination works great and the a7S can truly be used on its own. It works for the left and right eyed shooters and for people with and without glasses. It actually is quite comfortable and brings a little bit of extra stability when pushing the camera tight into your face. I used it on several shoots already and really like it. 

If you have another solution please do chime in.

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