BBC Wildlife Director John Downer & the technology of ‘spy-cam’ filmmaking

By site editor Dan Chung:

Sensory: BBC Wildlife Director John Downer & the technology of ‘spy-cam’ filmmaking from Getty Images on Vimeo.

Getty Images have just posted an interesting video on Vimeo that provides a fascinating insight into some of the ‘spy creature’ hidden camera technologies used at the BBC to create their landmark natural history shows.

During the interview BBC Wildlife Director John Downer talks about how consumer cameras like the GoPro are used where previously they would have used more esoteric gear. His observations go a long way to explaining how the BBC stay at the top of the natural history field.

He said – “There is this levelling out of the playing field between the professionals and the amateurs, where it is now about the vision – there is so much technology of high quality that is available”… “The battle now is as a filmmaker you have to make something better than the average person can make”…”Where we put the effort is into the invention of the spy-creatures, of the viewpoint but most importantly the imagery and the telling of the story – and the is what programme making should be about.”

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