CineGear 2014 video: Canon demonstrate its new Vixia Mini X with clean HDMI output

Posted by Nate Weber and Mat Gallagher

CineGear – Canon Vixia Mini X from Nate Weber on Vimeo.

Paul Mcniff from Canon shows the new features on the Vixia Mini X camera. Despite being a small consumer camera, this upgrade to the original Vixia Mini now offers 16-bit stereo uncompressed audio, timelapse, AVCHD 60i or 24/30p in MP4 and an uncompressed clean HDMI output in 422 colour space. The camera can be controlled via an app on a smartphone along with a compatible base unit for motorised panning, making it ideal for remote shooting. For more details on the Vixia Mini X, visit www.canon.com

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