Video review: Zacuto’s new C300 rig with Z-finder

By site editor Dan Chung:

Newsshooter Zacuto C300 Recoil rig review from Dan Chung on Vimeo.

In this video review I look at the latest version of Zacuto’s Recoil shoulder support system for the Canon C300.

The setup includes the Z-finder for C300 with a mounting kit that matches the new Coldshoe handle kit. It also uses the C300 grip relocator and Tornado follow focus handgrip to give the operator maximum control and stability of the camera without having to take their hands off the rig.

The shoulder pad is very comfortable and having the ability to slide it backwards and forwards makes for a better balanced setup. The quick release plate system being compatible with Really Right Stuff and Kessler quick release plates allows for quick tripod mounting.

Also in the kit but not mentioned in the video is the little coldshoe monitor lock which prevents the XLR backpack from wiggling while in the correct position for this setup. It also adds an extra cold-shoe for a light or other small accessory on top of the backpack.

I have tried a lot of C300 rigs and this latest from Zacuto is the best so far for on-the-shoulder operation. Being able to use the in-built LCD as a monitor has the advantage of giving you focus check while shooting by pushing a button on the handgrip. It also has the advantage of showing Canon’s built-in view assist function to allow easier exposing when using C Log. Having most of the camera shooting operations accessible at your fingertips is great.

You can see more details of the rig on the Zacuto website.

Video shot by CY Xu.

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