NAB 2014: Improved Sony XLR audio jackpack for a7S

By site editor Dan Chung:

Sony's new XLR adapter for a7S
Sony’s new XLR adapter for a7S / Photo by Chuck Fadely

Our Newsshooter reporter Chuck Fadely managed to spot something at the Sony booth under glass that many Alpha series video shooters will surely be looking for – a smaller version of Sony’s existing XLR-K1M audio jackpack that mounts directly on top of the camera, instead of on a separate hotshot on a cord.

The updated version has a form factor much more in keeping with the a7S design than the current one. There is a single connection straight to the multi-interface shoe

Hopefully this pack will also work on cameras like the RX10 and AX100, turning them into cameras much better equipped for video journalism.

There are no specifications available at the moment but it appears that the unit draws power from the camera and should be capable of providing 12/48V phantom power to microphones mounted.

The combination of an a7S, this audio adapter and the upcoming full frame servo zoom lens may just be the thing many multimedia shooters have been waiting for. Then only remaining piece in the puzzle for news shooters would be built-in ND filters – sadly I don’t think we’ll see that on an Alpha camera just yet.

Price and availability of the adapter are unknown at this time.


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