A few tidbits from China’s CCBN show: GH4 vs 1DC size comparison and other bits and bobs

By site editor Dan Chung:

In the run up to the NAB show in Las Vegas there is a broadcast show called CCBN in China. Most manufacturers choose to hold their new gear back for NAB and so we don’t usually cover it on Newsshooter.com. This year I popped along to check it out for fun. Here are a few pictures of things that interested me:


I got to handle the Panasonic GH4 and YAGHG ‘brick’ expansion pack in the flesh. Like many have reported online the camera does seem very capable for the price. What did surprise me was the size of the camera and pack compared to the Canon EOS 1D C. Honestly I expected the GH4 to be much bigger, but in reality there isn’t much in it and is was also surprising just how light the camera with pack is.

photo 1-2

Also if you wondered what the GH4 box looks like then here it is – not very exciting I know!

photo 2-2

And this is the box of ‘the brick’.


Sony had their new UWP-D digital hybrid wireless mics on show. We previously reported on them here. I was impressed with just how small and robust they look. A big improvement over the previous Sony entry level wireless mics.


There are more and more quad and octocopters around these days. This one from Taiwanese maker iFootage was on show on the Sony booth.


This little product from the unfortunately names S.S.Audio is actually pretty handy. A mic shield that simply attaches to a studio mic using hook-and-look tape. It was pretty cheap so I bought one.


And lastly this. The camera cabinet of my dreams. On display on the stand of one of my local dealers. There really is too much choice these days!

So that was it from CCBN. Not much to see but then I wasn’t really expecting much so close to NAB.

Stay tuned for the big event next week.


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