Libec launch Allex combination tripod and slider kits

By site editor Dan Chung:

libec allex

Japanese tripod maker Libec are the first major tripod maker to a combination video tripod and slider system. The innovative Allex kit combines an new dual-use head, lightweight tripod and a slider with an integrated ball mount.


The Allex H head can work both on 75mm bowl and flat base tripods because of some clever design (this is a similar concept to the newly improved Sachtler Ace head we reported on last week). The innovative part of the Allex system is that the Allex S slider also has a compatible tripod mounting bowl that uses the same bowl clamp as the head. The head weighs 1.3kg/2.9lbs and features a sliding quick release plate and an illuminated bubble level.

Libec new style tripod system “ALLEX” / NAB2014 from LTV – Libec TV on Vimeo.

Commonly you would need a second head or another half bowl adapter with bowl clamp to attach a slider to a tripod. This Allex system means you carry one less thing – a major plus for on-the-go solo shooters. You could of course also configure the Allex with two tripod heads which allows for a greater range of moves.


The Allex S slider in the kit has an 80cm (30 inch) slide length. Like many other sliders it is a ball-bearing based system with a carriage that moves along the rail. The amount of friction that the carriage has can be adjusted using a spring-equipped knob. The slider legs fold to allow the storage without having to disassemble. One nice touch is the addition of a tripod handle type rosette at the end of the slider which allows for more secure mounting of monitors and other accessories when using Libec’s A7 adapter. The Allex S is also sold separately and should work with 75mm ball mounts on rival manufacturers’ tripods.

The Allex T tripod is a new 2.5kg/5.5lb lightweight design with a mid-level spreader and rubber feet with integrated spikes. Bowl size is 75mm.

The system will be available as at the Allex S kit, or separately should you just want the tripod, slider or head.

Libec US are currently offering a chance to win Allex gear on their website. The Newsshooter team will be checking out the Allex system at NAB 2014 next week.


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