Blackmagic 4K Production camera gets a PL mount conversion from Denz

By site editor Dan Chung:

DENZ - PL-Mount Blackmagic Production Camera 4K - 301.0615&301.0584 02

When Blackmagic Design launched their 4K production camera with an electronic EF mount, many users wondered if it would be possible to fit PL mount cinema lenses to it via an simple adapter. While a select few PL lenses can work this way, the majority cannot because their rear elements extend too much into the mount.

German manufacturer Denz is the first to offer a solution with their custom PL conversion. It requires the tube of the original EF lens mount to be carefully milled out, providing the additional space that the larger elements on some PL lenses need. A PL mount is then added in place of the EOS one. Because many cinema lenses are big and heavy the mount is built into a complete cage and top-plate package for great structural integrity.

Custom machining doesn't come cheap
Custom machining doesn’t come cheap

This kind of custom conversion comes at a price. Denz are charging € 4290.00 including the camera itself. If you need to use high end PL glass on this camera though then it is currently the best option I know of. For more info visit the Denz website.

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