Nikon D4s – our video questions answered

Reported by Features Editor, Mat Gallagher:


Following the launch of the Nikon D4s, we spoke to Hiro Sebata, product manager for professional products at Nikon UK, to answer a few questions we had about the camera.

How does the video quality compare to the 5300?
The video quality of the Nikon D4S compares favourably to the Nikon D5300.  Combined with the outstanding ISO capability and EXPEED 4 image processor, professional photographers are able to harness these camera features to produce higher quality images and video.

The Nikon D4S features a number of crop modes, including ‘Native Crop’ which gives the best video quality and allows you to record clean HDMI to an external device. The D4S also features fine controls for superior sound quality and frequency settings are customisable (wide/vocal range, wind reduction function available even with internal microphone). In addition, the Nikon D4S features 3D intelligent image rendering that helps to distinguish between pin sharp area and out of focus areas. In 1920 x 1080 the movie is recorded dot-by-dot for class leading detail and accuracy

Have the issues with aliasing and moiré been improved from the D4 in video?
Nikon constantly strives to improve aliasing and moiré issues throughout the range.

Can you magnify while shooting (for focusing) in video?
No, only before and after recording.

Are there any cinema colour profiles/picture styles?
Unfortunately not. However, the D4S offers customisable settings for picture control and each setting has been refined for better image/colour rendering.

Is the camera aimed more at multimedia than TV/broadcast use?
The Nikon D4S camera is suited to both multimedia and TV/broadcast use, with no particular emphasis on either. The Nikon D4 is already used in TV/broadcast environment for a number of reasons, primarily for the creative opportunities that come with digital SLR cameras, along with affordability and convenience.

For more in the D4s, visit www.nikon.co.uk

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