Jag35 Sidekick Pro follow focus available for pre-order

By site editor Dan Chung:


Jag35 are a company that have been around since the early days of DSLR filmmaking. They aim their gear at budget conscious filmmakers and have gained a loyal following.

Despite being lower cost their gear has steadily improved over the years and I’ve found fit and finish of their latest products to be very good.

This week they announced a Pre-order for their newest shiny piece of kit – the Sidekick Pro follow focus. Like other follow focus units it is designed to allow precise control of focus and allow smooth racks between points of focus.

Unlike their previous follow focus units, which relied on friction to move the focus rings of autofocus lenses, the Sidekick Pro is a more conventional geared design which attaches to a single rail and works with stills lenses fitted with gears. It isn’t clear whether the design has enough strength to work with larger cine lenses but I imagine the sort of user who buys the Sidekick Pro is more likely to be using stills lenses anyway.


The follow focus is very compact and lightweight which makes it attractive to shooters on the go. It should be small enough to keep in your kit bag most of the time. It has a marker for easy setting of focus points.

The Sidekick Pro is currently available for pre-order on the Jag35 website for $299.99 US, instead of the regular $480.

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