Genus launch MkIII version of their Bravo follow focus

By site editor Dan Chung:


A few years ago, a high quality follow focus was a very expensive piece of kit. There were cheaper follow-focus units but these often had inferior gear mechanisms adapted from designs for radio-controlled models. To get a really smooth unit which worked precisely required serious cash. Names like Arri and O’Connor spring to mind.

More recently, some manufacturers have started to offer follow focus units with custom-made gearboxes at lower prices. Genus is one of those companies and the latest version of their Bravo follow focus has some high end features at a reasonable $499 US price tag.

The most attractive features are the quick release rails mount and the adjustable stops that allow for precise setting of the start and end of a focus rack.

The focus end stops on the Bravo MkIII
The focus end stops on the Bravo MkIII


I have their older Superior follow focus which was a lot more expensive than this one. From what I can see, the MkIII Bravo has most of the same features apart from the ability to reverse the focus direction (useful if you use Nikon lenses that focus the ‘wrong way’).

Most news and documentary shooters I know don’t use a follow focus the whole time. Justifying a top of the line model may be hard, and most budget Ebay offerings just don’t cut it. At under $500 the Genus might just be worth considering.

This from Genus:
Next Generation Follow Focus from Genus.
The new Genus Bravo MkIII follow focus is latest version of the highly popular Bravo follow focus range from Genus.

This third generation follow focus has at its core the latest version of the custom made Genus gearbox. This gear box is precision engineered to ensure zero backlash. The gear meshing  can be adjusted in the unlikely event that backlash develops. Smooth action of the gearbox allows the camera operator or assistant to pull accurate and repeatable focus.

The new Bravo MkIII adds to the convenience of a quick release bracket. This new bracket makes it easy to attach and move the follow focus to 15m rods. The clamping mechanisms is engineered to ensure flexibility whilst maintaining the rigidity needed in a precision follow focus.
The new improved end stop mechanism makes it quick and easy to set and adjust follow end stops.

The smooth white 3D follow focus disc marks it easy to mark and erase focus points made with a whiteboard marker. The beveled edge of the 3D marking disc allows the viewing of the focus marks from a wide range of different angles.

The Bravo MkIII can be ordered as a standard kit which comes with a wide 0.8 pitch gear. This works well with cine style lens with 0.8 gear rings and it also can be used with the Genus Lens Flexi gear which can be attached to still lenses to allow use with follow focus units. The Bravo MkIII can also be ordered without a pitch gear and  the end user can choose the pitch gear sizes they want.  0.6 and 0 .5 pitch gears are available.

The new Genus bravo Follow Focus is now available for order online

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