IBC 2013: New Converter and LED from Cineroid

By Scott Karlins:

IBC2013: Cineroid from Dan Chung on Vimeo.

Cineroid shows newsshooter.com’s Technical Editor Matt Allard their new cross converter and pattern generator. The box will convert from HDMI to HD-SDI and HD-SDI to HDMI. It’s unique design has a color monitor, pattern generator and waveform monitor for previewing your signal being converted. It comes in a sturdy metal enclosure and can be battery or A/C powered. It will be shipping next month for a cost of $800.

Also new to Cineroid is a bi-color version of there popular LM400 series LED light. It is twice as bright as the older Daylight and Tungsten versions, and offers DMX control. Shipping next month and will sell for the same price as the original LM400 series.

To learn more about Cineroid visit their site here.

Video shot and edited by Li-Lian Ahlskog, Jonah Kessel and Scott Karlins.

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