IBC 2013: Kinotehnik’s LCDVFE remote control and New LCDVF loupe for BMPCC

By @Jonah_Kessel:

IBC 2013: Kinotehnik on Product Availability and New LCDVF for BMPCC from Dan Chung on Vimeo.

Newsshooter.com ran into our Estonia friends at Kinotehnik at IBC 2013 and had a quick chat about their remote EVF and availability. The latest news: the product will be available within a month for purchase. New at IBC, Kinotehnik showed off a new LCD viewfinder for the Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera. A note to Canon C100 users: the new viewfinder, designed for the 3.5 cinema screen which is attached via a thin magnetic frame, will also work on a C100 LCD. If C100 users to put this on the camera, the thin magnetic strip will not allow the door to close 100% of the way — but its very close (see end of video).

The compact system will sell for about $150 and will also be available within a month. More on Kinotehnik here.

Video shot and edited by Jonah Kessel and Scott Karlins.

Kessler 640x120-1



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