IBC 2013: Novo Brushless Gimbal Takes Off For Rent

By @Jonah_Kessel:

IBC 2013: Novo Shows off Custom Made High-Performance, Brushless Gimbal from Dan Chung on Vimeo.

Novo shows off a new brushes gimbal for one of the world’s smallest camera’s — The Novo. The entire rig with camera weighs in at a mere 4 pounds. Newsshooter.com’s Matt Allard talks to Novo about their design as well as future plans for more custom made gimbals for other cameras.

The 4 oz camera packs a big punch, with optional EF, C, PL or Nikon mounts. With 8 stops of latitude and frame rates varying from 12 fps (at 4K) to 120 fps (at 720p). In addition, the new system is rented with a wireless monitor that can receive an image form the camera from up to a half mile away.

After testing it out on the show room floor, its clear you could use this thing all day, without getting tired.

The camera and system are rentable now from Radiant Images. Here is some demo footage from Novo.

Video shot and edited by Jonah Kessel and Scott Karlins.

Kessler 640x120-1



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