NAB 2013: Cinevate Introduces Motion Control and Axis Jib

Reported by Jonah Kessel:

NAB 2013: Cinevate Adds Motion Control and Axis Jib to Lineup from Dan Chung on Vimeo.

From Thunder Bay, Canada, Cinevate talks to Jonah Kessel about some new toys to help with camera motion. Cinevate has released the Moco system, which can be used with their range of sliders and in conjunction with an upcoming 3-axis, motion controlled, Omni Head. The Moco can do timelapses for as long as a year (if you can figure out how to power it for that long) or more practically, comes with a 12 volt battery they say will run the dolly for up to 12 hours of continual use.

Cinevate also released the Axis Jib. The jib’s ‘innards are all encased in a well built and unique cylinder. This protects the parts of the jib as well as your fingers. For those of us who have ever had a finger pinched in a jib, this probably sounds very appealing.

Watch the video for a sneak peak of Cinevate’s soon-to-come 3-axis tilt and pan motorized head.

Interview shot by Rick Macomber and Chuck Fadely.



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