NAB2013: Devin Graham: “I do YouTube, full-time, for a living”

Reported by Jonah Kessel:

NAB 2013: Devin Graham: ‘I Do YouTube Full Time, For A Living’ from Dan Chung on Vimeo.

The NAB show is not only about interesting gear, but also about interesting people.

Today at the Glidecam booth, Chuck Fadely ran into YouTube überstar video producer Devin Graham. While his Facebook bio might be simple (“I’m a film maker!”) his success in the viral video world is not.

His collaboration with YouTube superstar musician Lindsey Stirling has resulted in hundreds of millions of views. All done with no production company, no record label, no recording studio, no crew.

At age 29, Graham has a huge following and his following has attracted enough advertisers that have made veteran video journalist Chuck Fadely say, “The world has changed.” Although most people won’t know Graham, advertisers have latched on to his popularity enough for him to earn a healthy living from it.

The grassroots filmmaker embodies the power of social media in an age where technology has been put into the hands of those who aspire to wield it.

Glidecam’s booth at NAB 2013 is back dropped with clips from Graham’s videos, including the video below featuring the Zelda theme song. The videos have all been shot with Canon DSLRs and Glidecam’s HD series stabilization system.

You can see Graham’s YouTube channel here.



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