NAB2013: Canon unveils wifi enabled XA20 and XA25 camcorders for video journalists

NAB 2013: Canon XA20 and XA25 wifi videojournalist’s cameras from Dan Chung on Vimeo.

Reported by Jonah Kessel

Canon has stepped up their game in the run-and-gun video world, releasing two cameras that will be particularly appealing to solo video journalists.

While the XA20 and XA25 camcorders offer attractive features for shooters, including a 20x HD video lens and XLR inputs the real kicker in these cameras is the dual-band, built in Wi-Fi that allows users to FTP files directly from the field. Equally as impressive is the camera’s ability to record full HD to one memory card, while compressing to the second card which could be uploading to web.

The camera is marketed toward video journalists and solo documentarians.

Video by Jonah Kessel and Rick Macomber.



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