NAB2013: Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera unveiled

Reported by Mat Gallagher

NAB 2013: Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera unveiled from Dan Chung on Vimeo.

Perhaps one of the smallest products of the show so far is also creating the biggest buzz. The Blackmagic pocket cinema camera is a compact-sized full HD camera with a super 16mm sensor. This features a brand new sensor from the one used in the 2.5k camera, with 13 stops of dynamic range and records straight to a SD card. This is recording purely in ProRes 422 at 1080p, allowing 95mb/s SD cards to cope with the data rate.
The lens mount is an active MFT system, allowing the use of a wide range of MFT lenses, along with an assortment of old 16mm and cine lenses via adapters. There is HDMI monitoring, remote focus control and 3.5in audio input. However, still no audio monitoring as yet.
Priced at just $995 it is an affordable lightweight solution for those travelling light or looking to place a camera in a tight spot.

Blackmagic pocket cinema camera
Price $995
Super16mm sensor
13 stops of dynamic range
Records to SD card (ProRes 422)
Active MFT lens mount
HDMI monitoring

Interview shot by: Scott Karlins and Jonas Schönstein



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