NAB 2013: DP Sebastien Devaud shows us the Dietygear Mira LCD loupe for Canon C300

By site editor Dan Chung:

One of the most anticipated gadgets for Canon C300 users this year has been the Deitygear Mira LCD loupe. This gadget essentially transforms the integrated 1280×960 LCD screen of the the C300 into a high quality EVF.

I was initially skeptical that this accessory was worth the $695 asking price. I have to say that after trying it out I am incredibly impressed. The image is actually better than any EVF that I own.

The Mira has advantages over a traditional EVF. You can benefit from the built-in Canon LUT preview and screen magnification function which you lose if you hook up an external EVF. It is also slightly smaller and lighter to carry and requires no extra power.

Check out Matt and his team’s video interview with DP Sebastien Devaud, who has been developing the Mira with Deitygear.

Deity Mira C300 Viewfinder with Sebastian Devaud from Matthew Allard on Vimeo.

Video shot by Clinton Harn and Phil Arntz.


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