Redrockmicro's $45 cheesplate solution for the Blackmagic Cinema Camera

By site editor Dan Chung:

The fact that the Blackmagic Cinema Camera has yet to ship in significant quantities has not stopped rig manufacturers racing to produce all sorts of cages and accessories for it.

Redrockmicro has come up with an inexpensive and simple cheeseplate solution that gives the Cinema Camera multiple 1/4” 20 mounting holes and a cold shoe mounting socket for accessories like microphones or LED lights. The best part about this is the price – a mere $45 US.

For simple setups this plate might be all you really need to get shooting. Of course Redrockmicro allow you to accessorise your camera further. You can buy the cheeseplate in a kit with a top handle for $155. Or combine it with a full $499 US ultraCage which gives lots more mounting points and the ability to use 15mm rods on the top and bottom of the camera.

Full details can be found on the Redrockmicro webstore here.

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