Redrock Micro announce lowBase – a $199 baseplate for tall DSLRs and Red cameras

By site editor Dan Chung:

The Redrock Micro lowBase

Redrock Micro have created a low profile baseplate for taller DSLRs like the Canon EOS-1D C and Nikon D4. It also works with regular DSLRs such as the Canon 7D, 5D mkII, 5D mkIII and Nikon D800 when a battery grip is fitted.

The raison d’être for the lowBase is to allow 15mm rods and accessories to be easily attached to the camera, while not adding much bulk to the body. Follow focus units, matteboxes and handgrips can then be added to the setup. The baseplate is made of aluminium which has been precision-machined to reduce weight as much as possible.

One nice feature of the lowBase is that it supports rails coming out both of the front and rear of the baseplate – making it easy to build into shoulder rigs that require a shoulderpad, weights or batteries to be added behind the camera. This makes the lowBase a very cost effective option for tall DSLR owners seeking to build a versatile support system.

The lowBase configured for Red, Nikon D4 and Canon EOS-1D X
The lowBase as part of an Redrock Micro Eyespy rig

I do like what Redrock Micro have done by creating the lowBase, but personally I will continue to use the company’s microRRS adapter baseplate , which works well for shorter DSLRs such as the D800 and 5D mkIII without a handgrip added. I love the Really Right Stuff quick release system which gives me the ability to remove the camera from a rig rapidly. This means I can stow the DSLR or move it to another setup in a matter of seconds, without having to dismantle the bulk of the rig.

The lowBase also works with Red’s Scarlet and Epic although the rail-to-center-of-lens measurement is non-standard. This means for a mattebox to work it needs to be height adjustable or clamp on.

This from the manufacturer:
Key features of the lowBase include:
Industry-standard 15mm front rail support for attaching follow focus, mattebox and other camera-front accessories (60mm spacing).
Industry-standard 15mm rear rail support for adding shoulderpad, external battery and other rig accessories.
Lift n’ lock repositionable thumbscrews.
Rubberized pads securely grip and hold the camera body.
Adjustable 1/4-20 screw for camera mounting to plate.
Optional rear 3/8-16 for additional camera mounting point for RED Scarlet/ Epic.
Storage bays on bottom of plate for additional 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 camera screws.
Available as standalone baseplate or as part of a ready-to-go rig.

The lowBase is offered as a standalone product or part on four ready-to-go complete rigs. These are described by Redrock Micro as follows:
DSLR Studio Bundle with lowBase – the ultimate rig for studio-based shooting on tripods, dollies, jibs and cranes.
theEvent with lowBase – balanced, compact handheld rig ready for a follow focus.
Field Cinema Deluxe Bundle with lowBase – comfortable shouldermount for all-day shooting.
eyeSpy with lowBase – shouldermount with centered camera for rear LCD operator monitoring.

The lowBase version of the theEvent rig

You can find out more about lowBase on the Redrock Micro website.

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