Westside AV offer Sony NEX FS700 handgrip extension handle

By site editor Dan Chung:

The Sony NEX FS700 with Westside AV extension handle

The Sony NEX FS700 is turning out to be a very popular camera but the one thing it lacks out of the box is good ergonomics for run and gun shooting. Westside AV are looking to change that with a simple yet elegant solution which will immediately improve the camera’s handling. The FS700 extension handle is a straightforward bracket with 2, 3 or 4 rosettes. The Sony supplied grip/VTR trigger/zoom rocker is removed from the camera’s rosette mount and the bracket added in its place. The handgrip can then be remounted on any of the remaining rosettes in a forward position nearer the lens – more like a conventional ENG camera. The additional rosettes allow different placements of the handle to suit different camera configurations.

The extension handle without handgrip attached

When mounted on a tripod the bracket can be positioned toward the rear of the camera to provide a more accessible grip and trigger.

The extension handle in tripod configuration

The handle extension is priced at $120 with 2 rosettes, $145 with 3 and $170 with 4. For more details check out the Westside AV website. The company says it is also working on FS700 shoulder brace brackets for Anton Bauer and Sony V-lock type batteries. We look forward to seeing those soon.

The parts

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