Zacuto launch adhesive Z-finder frame for Canon 5D mkIII and new v3.0 firmware for EVF

By site editor Dan Chung:

Zacuto have been busy with a couple of new announcements this week. First is the launch of their adhesive 3.2 inch Z-finder frame designed for cameras like the Canon 5D mkIII and it’s larger rear LCD display. It will also fit the Nikon D800, D4 and Canon EOS-1D X. Here’s the info from Zacuto:

Zacuto’s popular adhesive frame system is available for cameras with 3.2 inch screens. This fast, simple frame is a no frills solution for moving your z-finder quickly between cameras. This frame is compatible with every Z-finder on the market.

PLEASE NOTE: The 3.2” adhesive frame currently ships with one extender frame. In order to fit our standard Z-finder to wider LCD screens, we have modified the way it connects for this new frame. It snaps into the frame with tabs on the side. This new connection method requires the use of an extender frame in order to connect securely.

The frame attached to a Canon EOS-1D X

To use, simply take the mounting frame and peel off the adhesive protection, then slowly bring the frame down to the LCD screen being careful to align the edges of the frame to the edges of the light LCD image. Before applying pressure make sure that the frame is aligned and square. Apply pressure with some weight such as a book for 24 hours too fully cure. After 24 hours, the Z-Finder will snap on and off the frame.

You can buy the frame for $9 from the Zacuto website.

EVF Firmware 3.0 Features from Steve Weiss on Vimeo.

Users of the Zacuto EVF will have a range of new features added today with the launch of new v3.0 firmware. It adds better support for cameras like the Canon C300, 5D mkIII and Nikon D800. Zacuto also claim the new firmware gives even better colour accuracy than the previous firmware version. Given that the previous firmware already had good colour reproduction compared to many competing products I am keen so see how much better it can be. Here’s the info from the Zacuto website:

Firmware 3.0 includes the following updates:
– Added color presets per camera
– Added Canon 5D MKIII preset.
– Added Canon C300 preset
– Added Nikon D800 preset
– Added Nikon D4 preset
– Added 1280x848p60 support for RED ONE, EPIC & SCARLET
– Added 3 levels of Underscan
– Added 2.66 frame line
– Fixed loopout color space inaccuracies
– Added an Unsupported Signal screen
-Created a more robust signal detection software
– Added Playback Scale to the list of programmable user buttons
– Fixed multiple bugs

The new firmware can be downloaded here.

There is a full FAQ on the Zacuto EVF here.

Full disclosure: Dslrnewsshooter is an affiliate of Zacuto

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