New gadget roundup: Rycote mic suspension, Thinktank bags, Triggertap iphone DSLR trigger and Blackrapid lenscaps

By site editor Dan Chung:

The new Rycote Softie Lyre mount MHR

Rycote mic covers:
Microphone accessory manufacturer Rycote have launched a few products that may interest real world shooters. Firstly there is the new Softie Lyre mount with MHR. The kit consists of the ingenious Lyre mic suspension (the hotshoe mount version of which is already popular with DSLR shooters) modified so that it mounts directly to popular camcorders – freeing up the hotshoe for other accessories. The Lyre technology reduces unwanted vibrations from camera handling or noise from lens motors getting to the mic. Whilst I haven’t tested it I am hopeful that the new suspension will work on newer large sensor camcorders like the Sony F3, Panasonic AF100 and Canon C300.

Secondly they have a new, smaller wind jammer for lavalier microphones. Named the Ristretto it is a smaller version of their regular lavalier windjammer. It is secured to the mic capsule by a foam connector and a rubber ring. We missed interviewing Rycote at NAB 2012 but fortunately they produced their own product video:

Thinktank bags:
Thinktank have just announced some interesting looking new bags. There are three new additions to their Airport line of backpacks as well as a new member of the Retrospective family.

The new backpacks are the Airport Essentials , Airport Commuter and Airport Accelerator. They vary in size but all meet international carry on size requirements (although maybe not weight limits on some carriers if loaded with camera gear). The Airport Accelerator is the largest of the three and can take two pro sized DSLRs, six to eight standard zoom lenses, a 500mm f4, ipad and laptop up to 17 inches. The smaller two bags take less gear but are designed to also fit under the seat of a US regional commuter plane.

I have always loved Thinktank backpacks and rollers since getting one when they first came out – the new additions certainly look like a worthy upgrade and I hope to buy one soon.

The Thinktank Retrospective 7

The Retrospective 7 is a compact bag designed to carry a basic SLR system and an ipad or 11 inch Macbook Air. Like other bags in the Retrospective range it has a classic style that does not look too much like a camera bag at first glance. It is available in three colors: Black polyspun nylon, Blue Slate and Pinestone cotton canvas.

BlackRapid LensBling caps:
BlackRapid are best know for their range of camera straps but are now branching out into other camera related gadgets. The latest is a series of lens caps that are clearly marked with focal lengths so they can be quickly and easily identified whilst on a shoot. The distinctive designs will be available in Canon and Nikon fit initially with the following markings:

Canon: Sizes 24mm, 24-70mm, 50mm, 85mm, and 70-200mm.
Nikon: Sizes 24mm, 50mm, 85mm, 70-200mm and 105mm.

The BlackRapid LensBling caps

While this is a good idea I personally prefer my simpler solution of printing labels using an electronic labeling machine.

I label my lenscaps with an electronic labeler

Triggertrap Mobile iphone/ipad timer remote:
Another gadget that DSLR shooters who love timelapses may find useful is the new version of Triggertap for Iphone and Ipad. It consists of a $9.99 app + $19.99 adapter & cable to allow the Iphone to be used as a remote trigger for many popular DSLRs.

Unlike other triggers on the market Triggertap mobile is able to harness the power of the iOS to allow for some interesting triggering options. As well as regular time interval timelapses you can shoot eased timelapses (see tutorial video) , HDR timelapses and also most interestingly a distance lapse mode.

It can also trigger the shutter (and possbily video on some cameras) by using a sound sensor, shock & vibration sensor, Metal and magnetism sensor or facial recognition.

You can buy the app here.
and the appropriate dongle and cables here.

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