Cinevate Trawly – compact dolly, mini tripod and handheld rig in one

By Dan Chung

Cinevate launched an interesting new addition to their Simplis rig range last week. The Trawly is basically a set of wheels that are combined with a Simplis baseplate to allow a whole range of camera moves. Check out the video to see how it works.

For run and gun shooters it looks like an interesting proposition but I can’t help wondering how often you would find a nice smooth surface to roll along in many of the places I have to shoot assignments. Even so this is a novel piece of equipment and certainly more compact than having to carry a seperate mini tripod, rig and table dolly.

Introductory pricing is set at $449 until March 1st. Existing Simplis rig owners can add a set of wheels for $99.

Trawly in handheld rig mode
The Trawly in low configuration

You can read more about the Trawly here.

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