Canon EOS-1D X has multiple trigger options for video

By Dan Chung

Ways to start your video recording

I’ve just had it confirmed by a source at Canon that the EOS-1D X offers a solution to one of the biggest DSLR video headaches – video triggering. Previous Canon DSLR cameras had no wired remote trigger function – relying instead on Infrared triggers, a USB remote follow focus like the Okii, or Heath Robinson style contraptions that put an old school cable release onto the video trigger or Set button. With the EOS-1D X you can now customize the camera to start and stop video from the remote release socket using a regular Canon remote. You can also assign the video trigger to main shutter button or use an infrared remote. It would also appear possible to use wireless remote triggers such as the popular Pocket Wizard to start recording – but this is unconfirmed. Starting and stopping video when using a rig or remote just got a whole lot easier.

A regular Canon remote should be able to trigger video

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