Hollywood DP Shane Hurlbut launches his own DSLR rig range with Letus

By Dan Chung

(Photo courtesy of Matt Jeppsen/FreshDV)

The past weekend Hollywood DP Shane Hurlbut ASC unveiled the new Master Cinema series of rigs which bear his name and are made by Letus. Shane has long been a proponent of using the smaller form factor of cameras like the 5D mkII to create cinema. His work features a lot of handheld motion and often relies on putting the camera into hitherto impossible places. The new line of rigs is designed to allow a DSLR to move easily and quickly between different handheld and studio situations. Some of the larger designs mimic the handling of more traditional movie camera setups. It might be interesting to see how some of these rigs perform in a documentary rather than Hollywood environment.

Matt Jeppsen of FreshDV has some behind the scenes video from the launch. You can find more details of the new rigs over here and here.

You can also read about the rigs and the concepts behind them on Shane’s blog.

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