The Dali International Photo festival offers 10,000 RMB (£1000) prizes for news multimedia

By D J Clark

Chinese newspaper photojournalists are increasingly shooting multimedia assignments

Dali is one of China’s best loved destinations and it’s also home to one of the country’s most prestigious photography events. Now the International Photography Festival has launched a multimedia contest to celebrate the best work from China and abroad. The competition is designed for, but not exclusive to, photojournalists working in the news industry and is driven by 26 of the largest commercial newspapers in China, who have made the festival their annual meeting place to discuss developments in the newspaper photography business.

Last year the discussions were largely about developments in multimedia news stories domestically, but this year the organisers are seeking to expand the event beyond China’s borders by inviting a group of international speakers and setting up the country’s first international multimedia competition. In doing so they are hoping to contextualise the progress of what is happening within Chinese newsrooms with the rest of the world.

The competition is divided into three categories:

1: Spot News: A video of no more than five minutes covering a live news event shot expressly to be shown on a digital platform (website, mobile, tablet) by a single photojournalist

2: Feature: A video by one of more people no more than ten minutes on a newsworthy subject shot expressly to be shown on a digital platform (website, mobile, tablet)

3: Interactive: A project by one or more people that includes multiple videos, audio, graphics, slideshows or both. Flash, HTML5, interactive projects and Apps should be entered in this category. Videos included
in the interactive section can not be entered into other sections

There is a top prize of 10,000 RMB (around £1,000) in each category and a special grant of 20,000 RMB for the best emerging multimedia journalist to work on a project to be screened at next year’s festival.

Entry is free. You just need to send an email to: [email protected] with

· Your name & phone number
· The category you want to enter and whether you are a Chinese or International entrant
· The link to your multimedia entry

All entries must be received before midnight (Beijing time – 5pm BST) August 31, 2011. More information about the festival and contest at http://en.dipephoto.com.

Chinese multimedia award nominees at the Yang Xiaoguang multimedia workshop in Beijing

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