Rycote launch shock mount for portable audio recorders

The new Rycote shock mount with a Zoom H4n recorder

Tim Constable of Rycote has been in touch to let me know that his company have launched what he believed to be a first – an effective suspension to eliminate the biggest problem of portable recorders – handling noise.

He told me “The suspension will offer excellent isolation from all vibrations, shocks and handling noise. The suspension mounts directly onto any portable recorder with a 1/4″ screw thread. The suspension can then be mounted on a 3/8” male thread, mic stand, boom pole, extension handle or be attached to a camera hot shoe. The 180° swivel allows for easy orientation of the recorder so it can point in the exact direction of the speaker.

It uses the patented “Lyres” to give unequalled isolation & robustness. Unlike rubber or elastic suspensions the Lyre is unaffected by temperature extremes, and so can be used in the harshest of environments. The suspensions are available in 2 kits- the Portable Recorder Suspension and the Audio Recorder Kit.

The basic suspension includes a hot shoe attachment that makes it easy to mount on a hot shoe directly or on the 20cm hot shoe extension offered by Rycote. The latter enables the use of the portable recorder and lite panels etc on the camera. The audio recorder kit also offers an extension handle, so that the recorder can be handheld and a mini windjammer to increase versatility enable use outside. This makes it ideal for most aspects of capturing video on HDSLR cameras.”

Rycote also make a wide range of mini windjammers to fit most portable recorders. You can see more details here.

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