New lightweight Jib from ABC designed specifically for HDDSLR

DSLRnewsshooter.com contributor Michael Schmidt takes a look at the jib that might be light enough to work for solo shooters.

Photo by Sascha Plagge

The new ABC DSLR Light Jib seems like a nice tool for HDDSLR work. It was first shown at Cinec 2010 show in Munich, Germany. So here are some facts about the jib to share with you.

– Its made of carbon tubes so it should be lightweight (around 3.9 kilos / 8,6 lb)
– Total max length of the jib arm is 1,52m (5 feet) that should be enough for some nice moves / shots
– Max payload is 4.5kg /9,9 lb (so you could even use XH-A1 or HVX 200 type camcorders)
– The jib should be easy and quick to mount
– The jib head can set at “infinite” positions and locked (will keep the angle during movement) it can also set to tilt “automatically” during a move. (angle can be set)

– It has a horizontal and vertical brake as well as a bubble level
– There is a very handy is a LCD monitor bracket that can be mounted on the head (left or right) or the jib arm.

– The jib can be mounted on every 75 and 100mm tripods  (and very handy as well as 1/4″ or 3/8″ stands via adapter)
– For “transportation” the jib can be “reduced” to a small packing size

– pricing is arround 1.190 EUR (without tripod or stand though)
– should be available December 2010

Overall it’s a nice little jib for nice moves. I hope to get one in my hands to test it in real working conditions as soon as it comes out. My experience at the Cinec show with the jib was great. I was able to get the mounted 5DmkII in some nice angles / settings and managed to make some real nice smooth moves. It’s very user-friendly, easy and “light” to operate. It has adjustable angles and head tilting. The monitor arm was great too. I’m really looking forward to use it again sometime.

I was told there will be more info at the ABC Website shortly.

Also check it out in this short video I made at the show.

Cinec 2010 a lil Best of from unique_design on Vimeo.

Michael is a video & sound Editor from Germany.
You can read more about the Cinec show and Michael’s work over at A Final Cut User’s blog.

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