Atomos Release AtomOS 5.1 for the Samurai Blade

By site editor Dan Chung:


Atomos today released a new version of their AtomOS for the Samurai Blade external HD-SDI recorder. Version 5.1 focusses on screen color adjustments with controls for Gamma, Y Lift and Y Gain.

Canon Cinema EOS users will benefit from a new on screen C-Log colour display. A single button push allows the user to toggle between Rec. 709 and C-Log colour.

Atomos Spyder color calibration support has also been added to AtomOS 5.1. The Blade is the world’s first portable recorder to feature on-set screen colour calibration. Featuring calibration Matrix and 1D LUTs.


Also added is D-tap mode which gives a visual indication of when the recorder is running on AC power. This stops constant checking between batteries which has reportedly caused mic clicks due to earth loops in some camera situations.


I’ve been using the Samurai Blade for several months now in some pretty tough conditions on my Sony FS100 and 700 and it has performed flawlessly. I love the form factor and the use of less expensive SSD media. These new improvements make an already compelling package even better. Hopefully I’ll be able to test the Spyder calibration software soon.


You can download AtomOS 5.1 here.


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One response to "Atomos Release AtomOS 5.1 for the Samurai Blade"

  1. kamenwati Says:
    December 7th, 2013 at 3:54 pm

    Atomos makes amazing products. This is recorder is so capable at such an affordable price. I honestly wish Atomos would make their own camera using the using the Samurai as its base. I bet they could blow Black Magic out the water.

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