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CRDBAG has announced its new CRDWALL MKII. The CRDBAG Wall System is a dynamic storage-wall system based on cords.

The CRDWALL MKII allows you to store camera equipment in one place with a new modular and dynamic wall system. Now, obviously you are not going to be hanging large cameras or lights on a wall, but it does look like an interesting solution for various camera accessories.

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Key features

  • Frees up valuable space
  • Streamlines your packing routine
  • Clear overview of all your gear
  • Modular, adaptable, and expandable design
  • Easy to install, adjust, and expand
  • Light and takes up minimal of space when transporting


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  • Free up space in your studio, office, garage or wherever you need extra space
  • Speed up your packing routine
  • Better overview of all your camera gear, tools, accessories

The Modular design makes it possible to connect an unlimited number of systems together and too easily extend the width of the CRDWALL. You can place gear on the cord and keep everything in one place. CRDWALLwas designed to give you a better overview of all gear and equipment and saves space in the studio, garage, home, or office.

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  • 2 x Black aluminium tracks with 8 mounts (610 mm / 24″)
  • 10 x Track hooks
  • 1 x Cord (24m / 26 yd) – Black, Yellow, Orange, White or Green

Price & Availability

The CRDBAG CRDWALL MKII is now available to purchase for $169 USD.

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