AJA HDR Image Analyzer 12G v3.0

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AJA has released its HDR Image Analyzer 12G v3.0 update. The feature-packed update unlocks powerful workflow capabilities for the HDR monitoring and analysis tool.

HDR Image Analyzer 12G v3.0 is a feature release that introduces multi-channel signal analysis, NDI connectivity, SDI embedded Dolby Vision Metadata inspection and analysis, native ARRI LogC4 support, additional 8K format support, and more.

If you are not familiar with the AJA HDR Image Analyzer 12G it provides a comprehensive array of tools for the effective analysis of up to 4x 4K/UltraHD signals, utilizing both 12G-SDI and NDI connectivity.

You can analyze HLG, PQ, Rec.2020, Rec.709, and native camera Log color spaces – from 8K/UltraHD2/4K/UltraHD/2K/HD content in a powerful, real time, 1RU device. 

It was developed in partnership with Colorfront, and the AJA HDR Image Analyzer 12G supports a wealth of inputs from camera Log formats to SDR (Rec. 709), PQ (ST 2084), and HLG and offers Wide Color Gamut (WCG) support for BT.2020 alongside traditional BT.709 and P3, with Dolby Vision® dynamic metadata inspection and analysis for advanced HDR mastering and QC applications. AJA hardware prowess ensures high reliability and performance, with 4x 12G-SDI inputs, dual 10 GigE, and DisplayPort connections.

It was specifically designed to be used wherever high performance color analysis is needed, the 1RU form factor excels in a range of environments, providing the confidence you need for consistent and predictable HDR production and mastering.

Fixes, Changes, and Improvements in v3.0

  • New Multi-Channel signal monitoring and analysis, up to 4x 4K/UltraHD
  • New NDI connectivity ○ Supports analysis of up to 4x 4K/UltraHD 60p ○ Supports Full NDI (NDI High Bandwidth) ○ Does not support interlaced signal formats
  • New SDI embedded Dolby Vision dynamic metadata inspection and presentation ○ Supports Dolby Vision v4.0 and v2.9 with automatic detection ○ L1 Min, Mid, and Max are presented in the waveform as NIT lines ○ L1 metadata out-of-brightness tolerance can be specified as a percentage of the brightest pixels to ignore ○ New Dolby Vision Metadata tool shows metadata in human readable text
  • New native ARRI LogC4 WideGamut4 analyzer color space
  • Additional 8K format support now includes: ○ 8K 2SI/SQD quad-link YCbCr up to 60p ○ 8K 2SI/SQD quad-link RGB up to 30p ○ 8K dual-link YCbCr up to 30p
  • New optional audio infinite peak hold capability
  • Analysis of 720p signals now uses the full analysis window
  • Added more configurable NIT reference lines, maximum of 3
  • Added decimal places to NIT measurements
  • Added optional Y luminance value for NITs AJA HDR Image Analyzer
  • Legal range support when in RGB 4:4:4 mode
  • Support for high frame rate timecode i.e. 50/59.94
  • Improved logging capabilities
  • New Web GUI
  • Adds support for an updated version of HDR Image Analyzer 12G hardware
  • Note: SDI connections are now input only

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