Wooden Camera Accessory Plate System

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Wooden Camera has unveiled a new range of Accessory Plates that were designed for attaching to cameras and other equipment to help you mount accessories. They add secure mounting points and they come in a variety of sizes and mounting options.

Often attaching accessories like wireless TX units, timecode boxes, etc., is a pain and you end up coming up with some type of DIY solution that leaves your camera looking like a Frankenrig. The whole concept behind the Wooden Camera Accessory Plates was to streamline the DIY process with better options.

Wooden Camera A00473 Full Accessory Plate System Flat Lay

The collection includes Cheese Plates, Hook-and-Loop Plates, Rail Mounts, and a variety of Hinges and Clamps.

Accessory Plate System

The Accessory Plate System ($599 USD) consists of the following plates in various sizes:

  • 5×5” plate
  • 3×5” plate
  • 2×5” plate
  • 2×2” plate

All sizes of these plates are offered in either a Cheese Plate or Hook-and-Loop format. Each plate has a variety of mounting holes on the front, back and sides for use with any Mini Rail Accessory. The Cheese Plate Accessory Systems have a multitude of ⅜”-16 and 1/4”-20 mounting options built right into the plate. Users can take advantage of them to mount a Preston MDR, Anton Bauer Battery Plate, etc. using dedicated mounting ports.

I personally like the Bolt-on Accessory Plates in a ¼”-20 mini version and ⅜”-16 small or mini versions that were also developed for attaching items like small timecode boxes and audio hops.

Bolt-On Hook and Loop Plate Kit

The Bolt-On Hook and Loop Plate Kit ($116 USD) bundles three sizes of Bolt-On Hook and Loop plates. It allows you to securely mount items like your focus MDR or Timecode Box to any camera rig using the variable options in this kit including two plates consisting of ⅜-16 screw mounts with locating pins, and a ¼-20 version.

In addition to providing the maximum customization to your rig, our Hook and Loop Plate Kit provides a sleek and unobtrusive design featuring a matte black finish.

Each Kit contains 3 Hook and Loop plates in the following increments: 4”x1.5” and 2 versions of 2”x2” plates.

Included Items:
Bolt-On Mini Hook and Loop Plate (3/8″-16)
Bolt-On Small Hook and Loop Plate (3/8″-16)
Bolt-On Mini Hook and Loop Plate (1/4″-20)

You can also get the Bolt-On Hook and Loop Plates separately from $39 USD.

Mini Rail Mounts

Screenshot 2023 08 25 at 10 50 43 AM

The Mini Rail Mounts ($94 USD for the whole set) are available in 100mm, 60mm, and 40mm sizing options, and they were designed to act as mounting rails for the Accessory Plates. The plates have a variety of mounting positions on the front, back, and side where you can vertically or horizontally mount a Mini Rail straight onto the plates. Options like adding a single rail or multiple versions greatly extend the usability of each rail. Each rail incorporates captive low-profile screws with ball plungers for added security on the Accessory Plates when sliding into position.

Universal Accessory Hinge & Clamps

The Universal Accessory Hinge and Clamps system ($139 USD or $59 USD depending on the version) is a combination of mounting accessories offering a ⅜”-16 mount with movable pins and a 90-degree tilt for your accessory plates using the rail mounts. The Universal Accessory Hinge and Bolt-On Accessory Rail Clamp are being offered as stand-alone products.

Universal Dual Rod Clamp

The Universal Dual Rod Clamp ($79 USD) is a 15mm, lightweight rod mount that includes 4x 3/8”-16 mounts with pinholes built into the middle of the accessory. Paired with a Universal Hinge system, it allows users to quickly add a battery plate using a 2×5” Cheese Plate for example, giving the camera system an easily tilt-able option from the top or bottom rails on the build. Other options include mounting a range finder system to the front rails of the build for an easily movable option when changing from primes to zooms. This Rod Clamp includes dual tie down knobs that securely mount your accessories without fret or slippage.

28mm Offset Bracket

The 28mm Offset Bracket uses a ⅜”-16 with mounting pins that give users an additional mounting point that ties directly into the camera or camera cage. With this bracket, users are able to offset accessories without the need for bulky or obtrusive options.

Full Accessory Plate System

Screenshot 2023 08 25 at 10 38 05 AM

The Full Accessory Plate System ($725 USD) comes with the following items:

  • Bolt-On Accessory Rail Clamp
  • Universal Dual Rod Clamp for Bolt-On Accessories
  • Universal Accessory Hinge (3/8″-16 Male x 3/8″-16 Female)
  • 28mm Offset Bracket with Pins (3/8″-16 Male x 3/8″-16 Female)
  • Mini Accessory Rail Kit with Safety (100 mm)
  • Mini Accessory Rail Kit with Safety (60 mm)
  • Mini Accessory Rail Kit with Safety (40 mm)
  • Accessory Plate (5 In x 5 In)
  • Accessory Plate (3 In x 5 In)
  • Accessory Plate (2 In x 5 In)
  • Accessory Plate (2 In x 2 In)
  • Hook and Loop Plate (2 In x 2 In)
  • Hook and Loop Plate (2 In x 5 In)
  • Hook and Loop Plate (3 In X 5 In)
  • Hook and Loop Plate (5 In X 5 In)

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