Protect Your RØDECaster Pro From ​Dust With The New RØDECover

Some products are not sexy, and I have one of those for you today. Well, if you are a neat freak, then maybe this is the sexiest product of the day!

Screen Shot 2021 10 12 at 4 58 48 PM

The RØDECover keeps the RØDECaster Pro nice and tidy. It’s a transparent polycarbonate cover that is durable and will prevent those pesky dust and dirt particles from your precious RodeCaster Pro. Since it’s made of durable polycarbonate, it will also protect against accidental damage.

rode rodecaster pro 2 1 firmware top view full frame july 2021 1080x1080 rgb

Key features

  • Polycarbonate cover for the RØDECaster Pro
  • Protects internal and external components from dirt, dust, spills, and knocks
  • Precision-engineered to exact specifications of the RØDECaster Pro for a tight fit
  • Perfect for use at home, in the studio, or while transporting the RØDECaster Pro in a carry case

What might not be so sexy is the price. It retails for $49. But if you want to protect your investment, I suppose the RØDECover is better than a tea towel. 😀

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