Tilta budget DSLR Follow Focus​ & Matte box

If you’re on a budget but want to add a follow focus and matte box to your DSLR rig Tilta has a low priced option.

The follow focus is tiny and comes with one gear, removable marking disk and hard stops. It has one 15mm rail mount that is hight adjustable.

The Tilta DSLR follow focus retails for $89 and will be available in November

Next up for the budget filmmaker is the tiny Tilta DSLR matte box. It includes an eyebrow and several different rings to fasten to the matte box that clamps onto the front of the rings.

This model is a prototype and Tilta is adding a single filter tray holder for 5.65×4 filters. The DSLR matte box retails for $99. Both will be avaiable in November.

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