Carpetlight LED fabric-based​ panels

The Carpetlight is a very lightweight LED panel that delivers soft and bright light. While flexible LED panels have been on the market for some time the Carpetlight takes a different approach.

Carpetlight 5

They use conductive thread instead of wire to install high CRI Osram bi-color LED’s. This special thread is the same that is used in car seats to install seat heaters. It’s very pliable and doesn’t break over time.

Carpetlight, thin and bright

All Carpetlight products feature an extremely low thickness of less than 10mm and a surface weight as low as 1,000 grams per square meter. The panels are very light and can be mounted in several ways.

The smaller kits come with a mounting system that uses tentpole-like tubes and magnets on each corner for fast and easy setup. The controller and a battery can be mounted on the back, or separated for mounting flush to a wall. The Carpetlight panels have Velcro on the front and come with a fabric strip that be taped to a wall or clipped to a frame.

Using materials like ripstop nylon as an outer shell, the light-emitting side is covered with monofilament fibers. Taking advantage of an optical effect this is layer is used to enlarge the lighting area. Underneath this top layer, a spacer fabric is located to not only diffuse the light-emitting area but also protect the LEDs from mechanical impacts. The LEDs’ heat dissipation is done through patented convection-cooled multilayered textile compound.

The Carpetlight is available in kits and sold in individual sizes to customize two your needs.

  • Carpetino Broadcast Edition – €1,799
  • Carpetlight CL21 Essential Kit – €3,499
  • Carpetlight CL42 Essential Kit – €5,200
  • Carpetlight CL44 Essential Kit – €5,700
  • Carpetlight CL84 Essential Kit – €6,900
  • Carpetlight CL8X8 Essential Kit – €14,900

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