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Marketplace Rules & Guidelines

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Newsshooter takes no responsibility for the buying & selling of goods or services on this platform.

Members require to have a minimum of 10 posts/comments and completed a 10-day waiting period before they are able to access the marketplace forums.

  • Any person caught placing fake bids and bumping each others threads in order to gain higher selling prices or generate false interest in items they are selling will be permanently banned from the forums.
  • The For Sale forum is to be used by private individuals only, who may offer things for sale on an "occasional" basis. It is not for vendors or professional traders
  • Maximum of 5 concurrent ACTIVE threads in the marketplace.
  • No "Possible Sales" (Expressions of Interest, or EOI) - If it is not for sale right now, don't post it!
  • Forum is for the sale of cameras and related filmmaking equipment only
  • There is to be no feedback posted about members. We don't know the details of your transaction or who is telling the truth, and member feedback threads often become a 'he said, she said' affair.
  • If you're not bidding, making a genuine enquiry, or providing a link where the item can be found at a lower price, then do not post. More information on allowed post types is listed below.
  • If posting a price link, the item must be available (ie in stock, ready to ship) at a lower price than the price in the thread once shipping charges are taken into account.
  • Any discussion (including price/availability/avenues of purchase) for any item that isn't allowed to be sold on these forums, is also prohibited.
  • Any software installed on a system listed for sale must include a valid license. If you don't have a license, uninstall the software and don't list it in the sale.

Active Threads
Any sale which is less than 7 days old or has not been completed is considered active.

If you have completed a sale, please change the thread prefix to [Sold] and report the thread so it can be closed. Do not remove the title or the contents of the first post.

Allowed Reply Types

Four types of replies are acceptable within For Sale threads:

  • Bids. Bids are expected to be reasonable - offers of $100 on an item with a $800 reserve will be considered trolling and will be removed. If the seller has listed a reserve and stated that they will not accept bids below the reserve, do not bid below the reserve. If you place a bid and win the auction you are expected to follow through with this; repeated failure to do so will result in a permanent ban from the trading forums.
  • Questions to the seller requesting specific information about the item for sale. Pointless or ridiculous questions (eg. asking for overclocking results on a cat) will result in a ban.
  • Links to a shop where the same item is available for a lower price, once shipping is taken into account. You can't link to an item that is out of stock, or something on eBay that's very cheap but has hugely inflated shipping charges.
  • Replies from sellers to any of the above.

If your post does not fit into one of these categories, please do not post at all. If you see a post that doesn't fit into these categories or that you think needs to be removed, please report it rather than responding to it.

Precautions to take when buying/selling

Please note: Neither Newsshooter nor its owners or administrators play any role in any sales. The following list of precautions are not guidelines, merely a list of things you may, or may not want to do.

Preferably meet up in real life to see the item before you pay for it, to confirm it exists and is in the condition you expect. Pick somewhere safe and neutral.
We encourage social distancing to be practiced and general health hygiene.
Contact the buyer (or seller) via PM, and ask for their full name, current address and email, current home phone number, and current mobile telephone number. Ring both, and double check the person exists at both numbers. Cross-check the addresses in the White Pages and (if possible) match the home phone numbers. Check that the email address is valid. If they are a business, get their ABN/Registration and contact numbers too. In a worse case scenario, this info is essential. If the person sounds young, maybe ask for a parent's work no., mobile no., or consent. If the number is private, it won't be in the White Pages. It's up to you then to trust them.
Ask the buyer/seller if they've traded with anyone else before, and get in contact with them to see what they thought of the trader.

If you are the buyer, get the users bank details. If possible, ask for the branch name. It is possible to get the branch name and location out of the BSB/Swift numbers. Cross-check this with their address. It is possible they have made an account in another state, then moved, but again, the decision to trust them is up to you. Ring the bank and check the account is valid. Keep all receipt numbers of sent money. Check that the money was sent by asking the seller for the transaction number.

If you are the seller, do not send anything out until the money is in your account and cleared. As simple as it sounds, a lot of people send goods without waiting for the money to clear. Do not send if postage costs are missing, the amount is incorrect or only partially sent. If you need the extra precaution as a seller, ask for their bank details too. It's extra information to be provided to police if necessary. They will be able to get a lot of information out of valid bank account details.

If you are really paranoid, escrow is another choice. Basically, it involves a trusted third party company, which acts as a middle-man in the transaction. You send the money and the goods to the escrow, and the escrow sends the money and goods to the appropriate people. If you take this option it might be a fair idea to split the costs between both parties.

If you are selling, pack the goods properly. Nothing is worse than receiving a camera or accessory in a tiny little plastic bag. Measure the boxes/goods, then get the postage costs. Add on a few bucks, and get some decent bubble wrap and box. Use registered and trackable post, keep all receipt no's and post. If they ask for express post, clarify with them. If they ask for a courier, ask specifically which company. If they offer a tracing service, use it. Basically, make sure you have some sort of insurance or genuine way to back up the delivery. Because if it fails, it's your arse. Take responsibility for damaged goods.

If you are buying, make sure you choose a decent type of delivery method to avoid trouble. 

If there are any problems - consult the buyer directly first. Ring them up, send an email, send them a PM. 


Only bid if you are interested in purchasing the products. If you are consistently bidding for items and bailing then you will be flagged.

The same will also apply to sellers who list their items and then withdraw them. We do understand that at times it is unavoidable, but, if a member does this repeatedly then they too will receive a ban.


For some reason a lot of sellers remove all of the contents of the first post when they sell an item. This is very frustrating for buyers as if they have not quoted the post they then have no record of what they have purchased. There is no reason for you to remove the contents of the post so please be fair to buyers and leave it so that they can check that they receive everything that was on offer. You only have to change the prefix to [Sold] - please leave the title and the body of the sale intact.



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    • It's a bit like the difference between say RGB and Adobe RGB (kind of) or JPG vs RAW, as there's more information available. It really depends on whether it's necessary for your work. My preference, whether it comes to video or photography, is to record at the highest possible/practical rates to allow for the best post-processing (you never really know when you're going to need it). It requires more storage space, but that to me is a worthwhile tradeoff. Once information is lost, you never get it back. A graphic example: https://i.rtings.com/images/chroma-subsampling/subsampling.png  
    • Thanks. That's very helpful because a C300 II and a 4:4:4-capable recorder is high on my list of candidates. 
    • Thanks so much and yeah will do, and I try to search first also. 😉
    • What are people's general views on gimbals? I have a love/hate relationship with gimbals (I own two relatively lightweight ones) and, in the few years that I've owned them, I simply cannot get to like them. I've tried a cheap Glidecam clone and just hated it, as balancing it was always like trying to get a drunken wife into a car (been there, done that). The gimbals work fine, but they simply can't hold my run & gun rig that weighs 4.3 kg. There are of course gimbals that can hold that weight and newer ones that can do that without having to break down the rig for full movement, but you then end up with a huge weight to carry around (and I'm able to carry some fairly hefty weight). For the sort of work that I was doing before COVID, I was using an Easyrig clone to support a very heavy rig, but I subsequently reduced the weight to a nice 4.3kg and did away with the support (wandering around some places looking like a Ghost Buster started to wear thin). But there are times when I want to move about with the rig and get reasonably stable footage, which kind of points to a gimbal of some sort. Recently I did some testing with a counterweight system, by attaching my monopod to my rig, with the monopod extending horizontally from the rear of the camera (aligned with the lens). The results from the monopod experiment were actually quite surprising, giving an almost gimbal like movement with a bit of stabiliser added in post. Noting that I can't Ninja walk (more like Bobba Fett sitting on my shoulders) the results looked little different to shots using another camera on one of the gimbals. This could be an option with some practice. Gimbals are all the rage at the moment, but are they really an ideal option for documentary style work, which is my main aim? Has anyone come up with a portable solution that doesn't involve a gimbal?  
    • Do check requirements of any festivals you plan to submit to, as well as DCP specs. Many may be fine with whatever format, but some may be fussy. You may find capturing in 16:9 (but framing for 2.35:1) and then editing for 2.35:1 a safer option, so, if necessary, you can re-edit for 16:9 later down the line if required (may involve re-doing some “pan and scan”, but with the vertical alignment). Unless of course you’re shooting anamorphic, then you can’t do this and will need to crop your master heavily to create a 16:9 version. Also consider that, if theatrical release is intended, it’s unlikely to be 16:9, but rather DCI 4K or DCI 2K (1.89). So, if you can shoot in one of those formats instead of UHD/HD, then do! The few pixels of extra width will help you anyway if you’re going for a wider look, and will mean slightly less cropping of the height is needed (you’ll need to work out the correct crop to cut a 2.35:1 portion out of 4096x2160 or 2048x1080). Agree that creative intent is a part of choosing what to do here.  
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