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Sky News Washington cameraman Duncan Sharp on shooting with the GH5

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Sky News Washington cameraman Duncan Sharp on shooting with the GH5


Sky News Washington cameraman Duncan Sharp has been shooting one-hour documentaries and “Special Reports” almost entirely on the Panasonic GH5. I sat down with Duncan to ask him why he chose to use the GH5, how he uses it, and the benefits it offers him over traditional larger ENG style cameras.


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    • Actually I helped Matt with the review, so I have seen it and set up the light etc ,and seen how it looks in an interview situation .. I didn't ever use the v1 but the separate ,velcro AC unit was definitely a turn off when I was looking at these type of lights .. so the all in one unit is a big plus ,and I see the new Falcon Eye 2x2 the AC is still separate .. and I guess having the rivets is some peace of mind of even if the velcro gets old you can still use the light .. and that it fits into this tiny box with all the accessories is the dream for me .. even with the big Astra box , I only ever use one light for interviews .. and no fill , in fact I always use neg fill now too.. this light / fx9 FF 6K mode / f1.8 Sony primes .. Im cooking with gas as far as minimum gear lugging and great looking interviews ..well IMHO anyway !... less is more !
    • Let us know how you like them.  I have two of the originals and I'm thinking it MAY almost be worth getting rid of(selling) them to be able to get two of the new ones, just for the new one-piece compact ballast/controller and new quick connect cables.
    • Ive ordered ,and hopefully its arriving soon ,the LC 160 2... the 4 x 1x1 is just about big enough source for the standard HS interviews  and folds down with accessories into a very small case .. and I got a goose neck to be able to tilt it down working off a standard light stand ..
    • In my opinion, the LiteCloth LC-120 2 Light Kit is the best option. It is perfect for image-makers who want to travel with two big, broad, natural-looking lights that can fit into a small, strong, travel-friendly case. This LC-120 is a 120 Watt, 1x3 LED Mat that folds down to a 12"x12" square. This unique design allows the user to create, broad, bright, natural-looking light that can be set up fast and travel small.
    • I tried my luck with the F3 and an Atomos recorder but it seems that Atomos could not handle the "camera shy" way the F3 sends data to external recorders. It was misinterpreted as interlaced. Also in anamorphic mode the Atomos loses its ability to show vector scopes and lacks center crop. So you end up with a very, very wide but narrow sliver of an image. Impossible to pull focus on. I advise against using Atomos products with the F3. Or did they fix those issues?
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