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Canon C300 Mk III fan noise

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Hey all,

Just wondered if anyone else with a Mk III also has loud fan noise on starting the camera up? It does stop when you hit record but it's very noticeable compared to the silent running of the Mk I I'm used to...

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Update for anyone who finds the same thing – by switching the fan to 'always on' it reduces the noise considerably. Might not be great if you're shooting in a soundproof vault but I think it's probably quiet enough to leave on during a regular talking head interview...


Edit: and yes I do like talking to myself!

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I own two c300 mk1 cameras.

Indeed the mk3 has a terribly loud fan. Even when set to always on and "low" mode. It moves alot of air.

Maybe need to return the camera due to this since it can be heard so clearly across a room.

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    • I have the IRIX lenses however I don't have the PL mount so I can't really guide you here. I would do an exchange with B&H and see if the second lens also gives you an issue. Additionally I would reach out to IRIX customer support and ask them as well. I have found that they usually take a few days to respond however so you might have a replacement lens by then.
    • Blimey, that sounds bad! For ease of getting your money back, go via your dealer. But I’d definitely make the effort to raise the issue with the manufacturer, and persist in getting straight answers out of them.
    • Having an issue with this brand new lens. Wont mount on Arri PL mounts due to the locking tabs on the camera hitting the body, prohibiting it from mounting. Mounts ok to Metabones E-PL adapter ok as well as VOCAS adapter,  Pana varicam native and canon c300PL. It seems like the lens doesn't like the chunkier Arri and Sony mounts.  Second issue is flange depth is way off, infinity focuses at between 8' and infinity . Third issue is that when tightened,  the removable light baffle which screws into the back of the lens comes into contact with the rear element housing as it focuses to infinity, making it feel like there is focus resistance when you focus to infinity, when the baffle is loosened significantly , the infinity end  focus comes to a satisfying end stop, as it should.  Looks like ill be sending this back to IRIX USA after reaching out to them. Im wondering if I should just begin return through B&H and have the lens exchanged.  Has anyone dealt with Irix or experienced similar issues? Any advice appreciated.  Thanks
    • Hello, No more issue for me now, but I can't explain how. It seems it's a library related glitch because it was only on a specific library at the time. Sorry, I know how frustrating it can be.
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